City Tour of El Paso

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3 Hour Tour.

Adults $60.00  each (tax included)

18 and under $35.00 each (tax included) 

Border Sights will drive you on a fun and informative sightseeing experience through Historic El Paso, through the eyes of Conquistadors, Gunfighters, and Revolutionaries. View scenic vistas of the Rio Grande, Mt. Cristo Rey, and other locations. Enjoy the Paso del Norte Hotel featuring ornate architecture and a priceless stained glass dome. Ride through Concordia Cemetery, and see the final resting-place of Texas Rangers, exiled Mexican Presidents, old West Lawmen and the infamous gunfighter John Wesley Hardin. Enjoy a spectacular view of El Paso and Juarez high above the Rio Grande. Although leisurely, you will be amazed at how much substantive and thorough knowledge we will share with you on this driving tour. Take this tour experience, our most popular, and you will be glad you did.

View of El Paso Downtown from Scenic Drive

Alligators Sculpture in San Jacinto Plaza

Tiffany Dome in Paso del Norte Hotel

Historic Concordia Cemetery

Christ the King sculpture by Urbici Solar

Sunset Heights Historic Home

Here lies John W. Harden

The one, the only, world famous,

Home of Gen Jack Pershing on Fort Bliss

Henry Troast Home